One of the primary goals of the FEMglocal research project is to undertake a structured analysis of the communication strategies employed by transnational feminist movements (of global scope) that have had or continue to have an impact in the Portuguese context. This analysis encompasses three main axes:

  1. Communication strategies adopted by these movements,

  2. The journalistic coverage dedicated to them,

  3. Mobilization strategies and repertoires of action they employ.

To that end, four case studies with national expression have been identified: the Slutwalk, #MeToo, #EleNão, and 8M movements.


One of the key objectives of the FEMglocal project is to develop the genealogy and cartography of feminist movements in Portugal (including associations, groups, and collectives), encompassing their geographic locations, history, narratives, communication dynamics, mobilization, organization, challenges, agendas, as well as their relationships with private, public, and governmental entities. Within the framework of this genealogy, there is also a concerted effort to analyse the media coverage of feminist associations, groups, and collectives in national media, aiming to comprehend their visibility and the way they are portrayed by the media sphere.

Regarding the cartography of feminist movements in Portugal, during the year 2022, the FEMglocal project developed and conducted an online survey, which was disseminated through various communication channels. In total, 204 responses were obtained from individuals connected to feminist groups, associations, and/or collectives, of which 74 were considered valid.

The survey conducted by FEMglocal has also paved the way for the development of the Genealogy of feminist movements in Portugal. Drawing from survey responses and information compiled by the team, a comprehensive list of feminist entities was assembled, accompanied by foundational details such as date of establishment, location, designation, number of associated members, characterization, participation, organization of events, and contact information. These data not only serve as a foundation to deepen understanding of the reality of feminisms in Portugal but also to map and locate feminist entities throughout the country through the Interactive Map currently under development, soon to be available on this website (link to the map).

Scientific output within the scope of the genealogy and cartography of the Portuguese feminist movement

Presentations by invitation

Movimentos feministas nos media portugueses: que voz tem o ativismo?

Sónia Lamy

Aula aberta “Jornalismo, Comunicação e Cultura”, Escola Superior de Educação e Ciências Sociais do Instituto Politécnico de Portalegre, Formato Online

29 de Novembro de 2023

Contributos para a prevenção e combate à violência doméstica. O poder da notícia para mudar a sociedade

Carla Cerqueira, Filipe Pinto, Paula Cosme Pinto, Simão Freitas & Teresa Morais

Moderação: Ana Guedes Rodrigues

II Fórum: Portugal Contra a Violência, Matosinhos, Portugal

24 – 25 de Novembro de 2022

Peer-reviewed Presentations

The (news) value of feminist activism – An analysis of the news coverage of two Portuguese newsmagazines

Sónia Lamy, Célia Taborda, Carla Cerqueira e Ana Sofia Pereira

FoM23, 1st Future of Magazine Conference, Universidade Lusófona, Lisboa, Portugal

19 – 21 de Julho de 2023

News coverage on Feminism in Portuguese media: What voice does activism have?

Sónia Lamy, Ana Sofia Pereira, Priscilla Domingos & Carla Cerqueira

IAMCR 2023, Lyon, França, Online

9 – 13 de Julho de 2023

Communicating for change: Strategies used by Portuguese Feminists Groups – Success and Challenges

Ana Sofia Pereira, Sónia Lamy, Carla Cerqueira & Célia Taborda

ECREA OSC Conference 2023: The normative imperative: socio-political challenges of strategic and organisational communication, Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal

5 – 8 de Julho de 2023

Representações jornalísticas sobre a identidade feminista: Pistas sobre a cobertura noticiosa dos feminismos

Sónia Lamy, Daniel Cardoso & Carla Cerqueira

XVII Congresso Ibero-Americano de Comunicação – IBERCOM 2022, Porto, Portugal

26 – 29 de Outubro de 2022