História dos Ativismos Feministas em Portugal

Carla Cerqueira, Célia Taborda e Ana Sofia Pereira (Coord.)

The booklet “História dos Ativismos Feministas em Portugal” [History of Feminist Activisms in Portugal], developed within the scope of the FEMglocal project, seeks to stimulate public discourse, especially within educational settings, about feminist activisms and gender issues. Additionally, it aims to foster reflection on the singular narrative of feminism, deconstructing it through a logic of situated knowledge.

By revisiting events and figures related to feminist activisms in Portugal, the booklet tries to reintroduce into History the memory of Portuguese activists and their struggles. This serves as a contribution to education for gender equality/feminisms and, consequently, human rights.

Designed for individuals across various age groups, the booklet prioritizes accessible language and incorporates external links (videos, reports, maps, among others) to stimulate curiosity and encourage further exploration of additional information related to the discussed concepts.

We invite you to read and use this booklet as a pedagogical tool in both formal and non-formal education strategies.


Activities promoted within the context of the booklet’s dissemination booklet

Apresentação do booklet FEMglocal como ferramenta pedagógica

Apresentação do booklet FEMglocal como ferramenta pedagógica

Carla Cerqueira, Ana Sofia Pereira & Priscilla Domingos

Escola Secundária de Vila Verde, Braga, Portugal

12 de Dezembro de 2023